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One of the things that make A/B testing terribly exciting is its ability to throw up results that go against popular perceptions. Data can sometimes prove wrong all your instincts, gut, intuition, experience or whatever you rely on to make strategic decisions. This case study is the perfect example of such an A/B test. Company offers various community living…

One of the questions we often hear from users who are new to A/B testing is what should they test. This does seem like a simple question but it can be quite baffling to the new-comers. This post is one such attempt to narrow down certain options to test, the changes that worked for others might work for you. The…

Through his website, personal trainer Carl Juneau teaches men the best ab exercises for getting six pack abs. Carl heard his top competitor doubled his sales after he started to use video to market and demonstrate his products so he decided to use Visual Website Optimizer to test video on this website. Carl carried out three split tests which…

We recently revamped the introductory video for Visual Website Optimizer by adding a voice-over and updating it by including some new features (e.g. heatmaps). From start (entering the test page URL) to end (interpreting test results), all it takes to run your first A/B test is just 2 minutes. And you thought testing is a dark art? ;) Watch the…

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video is worth laboring through hundreds of documentation pages and forum threads. The following video shows how to create a multivariate test using Visual Website Optimizer in well under 4 minutes.  The short tutorial is a must watch if you have heard about multivariate testing in articles/blogs; and always wondered what exactly…