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How a simple idea, $49 and 30 minutes investment increased eCommerce sales by 41%

Posted in A/B Split Testing, Case Studies on

The Visual Website Optimizer Case Studies page is filled with proof of how A/B and Multivariate testing increased sign-ups, downloads, sales or revenue for a number of our customers. But very rarely do we come across a customer who shows us how conversion rate optimization has ramifications for the business at large. That’s what makes today’s case study super special; a simple change leading to higher sales and revenues which enabled the business to eliminate a cost center. Moho Internet Concepts is a company based in Groningen, The Netherlands. Their business consists of selling fashion accessories and jewelry through various web shops. Moho operates in a very competitive market where constantly improving conversion rates is very important to get better results and enlarge market share. Their primary web store is which they use to sell watches from various manufacturers. Their landing page for the Casio G-SHOCK line of watches contained…

Do trust badges on websites work? Oh yes! 32% increase in conversions

Posted in A/B Split Testing, Case Studies on

These days you have all sorts of trust badges available to put on your websites. Some are SSL badges, some are good business practices badges and some are even carbon neutral certification badges. But do these badges have any effect? A Visual Website Optimizer user, Karsten Lund (a conversion specialist from Atcore), recently carried out a six-month long A/B test to determine whether an E-mark badge (certifies ethical conduct of Danish businesses) impacts conversion rate. He wrote a detailed case study in Danish and we recommend you to read it here (if you understand the language). For those who prefer to read the case study in English, read this post instead. What was tested? Karsten tested the presence of E-mark (the eye-like icon in the image above) on an eCommerce store House of Kids. 50% visitors saw this badge and 50% didn’t. The test started producing great results right from…