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Optimization v/s Validation – two distinct uses of A/B testing

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It is a myth that A/B testing can only be used for optimization and you need to fully establish a process optimizing it. In other words, many people think that A/B testing is best meant for big guys who already have an established conversion funnel, and now want to squeeze an extra 0.01% out of it. As a natural consequence to this logic, it may appear that A/B testing cannot be used at initial stages of a project (or startup) because there is nothing to optimize yet. Wrong. There are actually two distinct uses of A/B testing: a) optimization; b) validation. How to use A/B testing for Optimization? As mentioned in the opening paragraph, this is the activity with which A/B testing is usually associated. Typical scenario: you are running an advertising campaign where you collect leads. You get 10 leads for every 100 visits and you realize at this…

How RIPT Apparel increased their sales by 6.3% using Visual Website Optimizer

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RIPT Apparel is a Chicago-based online retailer of one-of-a-kind designer tees and wearable art. They sell one new design by a new artist every day starting at midnight CST for $10 and it is only available for a period of 24 hours. After that period, the design rests in peace forever in the T-shirt graveyard and a new one takes over its place. The sense of urgency created by limited availability of the design can be used effectively to drive sales and that is what RIPT Apparel did in their first A/B test. They had never done A/B testing before but were intrigued by the concept and wanted to give it a shot. The tool they selected for this purpose was Visual Website Optimizer. They tested their current buy button against a new buy button to determine which would have the best conversion rate. The conversion rate here being sales…

8 A/B split testing case studies you cannot afford to miss

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This post is a compilation of best A/B split testing case studies available on the Internet. In a way, this compilation proves that: a) A/B split testing really works; b) it doesn’t take much effort (hello Visual Website Optimizer); c) you should be doing it right now! I think case studies are an interesting way to learn about a new domain. So, consider this post as a starting point for the wonderful world of A/B split testing.  Let’s start the list of case studies which you should definitely read today. Writing Decisions: Headline tests on the Highrise signup page 37Signals did an A/B test on the headline of their pricing page. What they found was that “30 day Free Trial on All Accounts” had 30% more signups than the original “Start a Highrise Account”.: Lesson: in a headline, the word “free” coupled with specific benefits (“30 day trial” v/s “start…