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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Impact of A/B testing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Update: there is even an official confirmation from Google’s Matt Cutts that split testing does not impact search rankings. A lot of our potential customers are concerned whether A/B or multivariate testing will have an effect on their search engine rankings. They (obviously) aren’t looking to improve their rankings by using A/B testing, rather their […]

New VWO code snippet: cleaner, faster, easier

Today we’ve released a change in Visual Website Optimizer code snippet that will make the process of integrating VWO to your website a lot easier! As you will see, the change is a significant improvement over the previous code snippet and we recommend you to update it on your website as soon as possible to […]

New feature: email notifications of test results

We just launched a cool new feature in Visual Website Optimizer: email notifications! VWO already has a feature which monitors your test in the background and disables loser variations or starts displaying winning variation to all site traffic automatically. This ensured that the test reduced risk of losing sales and conversions because losing variations get […]

New reporting features: test summary and cumulative charts

To aid better visualization of A/B and multivariate test reports, we recently introduced some new features in Visual Website Optimizer. Even though these are small updates, we are sure they are a step in right direction to provide intuitive understanding of test data. Test Summary In Visual Website Optimizer, you can add multiple conversion goals […]

How to A/B test AdSense revenue using custom channels

Revenue from Google AdSense can be increased in two ways: either increasing total traffic on your page to have more ad impressions available OR optimizing click-through-ratio (CTR) on ads. There are a ton of variables that can affect CTR (and thus the performance of AdSense): number of ads on page, location of ad units, unit […]

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