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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Customer Review Widget Increased eCommerce Sales by 36% is a Dutch online biking solutions store. They sell everything from bicycle parts to accessories to cycling wear. Their homepage looks pretty impressive with shipping info and return policy right in the top banner. The problem Of all their pages, FietsPunt’s product pages had the highest bounce rate which was directly hurting their sales. The […]

A/B testing is not snake oil

Recently on Hacker News, someone commented that A/B testing has become like snake oil, making grand promises to be a panacea for increasing conversion rates. This comment troubled me not because the commenter was wrong (he was!) but because how certain people view A/B testing. Let me put this straight and clear: A/B testing does […]

Best A/B Testing Case Studies of 2010

Boy, what a year 2010 has been for A/B testing industry and Visual Website Optimizer. We saw tens and hundreds of small/medium sized businesses increase sales and conversions on their websites. Our repository of A/B testing case studies is the proof that A/B testing works! To celebrate the excitement of 2011, I have complied the […]

Killer idea: play the split testing game with your boss and colleagues

Let’s admit it: your boss has certain opinions on the website design, the usability consultant has some “best-practices” suggestions and the sales team wants specific changes to increase leads. Heck, even your office receptionist thinks that you could add Facebook and Twitter buttons on the homepage. Needless to say, everyone in your office has an […]

Get ideas for A/B testing from website evaluation by experts

Let’s admit it: getting ideas for A/B and multivariate tests is a hard job! It becomes even harder because of your familiarity with your website or landing page. Since you breathe-and-eat your website every day and know all its intricacies, it becomes incredibly hard to think of improvements. This phenomenon even has a medical name: […]

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