on Conversion Rate Optimization

New feature: email notifications of test results

We just launched a cool new feature in Visual Website Optimizer: email notifications! VWO already has a feature which monitors your test in the background and disables loser variations or starts displaying winning variation to all site traffic automatically. This ensured that the test reduced risk of losing sales and conversions because losing variations get […]

New reporting features: test summary and cumulative charts

To aid better visualization of A/B and multivariate test reports, we recently introduced some new features in Visual Website Optimizer. Even though these are small updates, we are sure they are a step in right direction to provide intuitive understanding of test data. Test Summary In Visual Website Optimizer, you can add multiple conversion goals […]

How reliable are your split test results?

With split testing, there is always a fear at back of the mind that the results you observe are not real. This fear becomes especially prominent when you see an underdog variation beating your favorite variation by a huge margin. You may start justifying that the results may be due to chance or you have […]

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