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on Conversion Rate Optimization

VWO Acquires Navilytics to Offer Visitor Behavior Analysis Capabilities

We’re very happy to announce that VWO has acquired Navilytics – the proven visitor analytics solution with prominent customers such as Atlassian, Aerospike and SingleCare. With this acquisition and our recent announcement of On-page Surveys, we’ve moved further along into VWO’s transformation from the first “no-coding required” A/B testing tool in 2010 to the first full-featured conversion […]

Demystifying the TechCrunch effect

Good news, Visual Website Optimizer was covered in TechCrunch a few days back! For those who aren’t aware about this mighty blog, it is considered to be one of the most influential technology blogs on the planet. Getting covered on TechCrunch is a (ego) milestone for many web startups and it was surely one of […]

Launch of Paid Plans and Limited Time Offer

Visual Website Optimizer is finally out of beta! It has been five months since we first announced the beta, but with all new features and bug fixes etc. it feels like an incredibly short period. We also announced the pricing plans. There has been a lot of research gone into it, did various iterations of […]

A dead-simple trick to create site-wide A/B split tests

With Visual Website Optimizer, we like to keep things extremely simple. However, don’t mistake simplicity of VWO for less number of features. It is the job of a good UI designer to present a tool in layered fashion: core essential features being obvious to most users, while letting advanced users use plethora of other features […]

Architecture update: leaner, meaner and faster A/B tests

In our mission to be the best A/B testing platform on earth, we have recently updated Visual Website Optimizer architecture. This blog post updates what has changed and why. Prelude: phasing out of optional page tagging code In addition to tag-less testing which required no code changes, VWO had optional code for people who liked […]

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