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How Hyundai increased requests for test drive by 62% using multivariate testing

Posted in Case Studies, Multivariate Testing on

Hyundai, the Korean giant, not just makes well-engineered cars, they have well-engineered online strategy as well. In the Dutch market, they hired one our certified partners, Traffic4U to optimize conversion rate on their lead-generation pages. Traffic4u is an experienced, international online marketing agency, specializing in Result Driven Online Marketing and since they are our partners, they chose Visual Website optimizer for testing and optimization on In this case study, we catch up with Janco Klijnstra from Traffic4U who talks about how they used Visual Website Optimizer for increasing conversion rate by 62% for Hyundai. Case Study: using multivariate testing to increase conversions Hyundai has landing pages for all of their car models where people can request for a test drive or download a brochure. These landing pages mainly get traffic from paid advertising campaigns (but get some direct and SEO traffic too). They wanted to make most from this…

Top 10 A/B Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization resources

Posted in A/B Split Testing, Multivariate Testing on

Last year, at the dawn of 2010 I wrote four reasons why 2010 is going to be a year of A/B split testing. Now that 2010 is coming to a close, I thought it will be great to revisit what happened in our tiny little (yet growing) industry of split testing and conversion rate optimization. Undoubtedly, the year saw explosive growth in the industry (and also for our A/B testing tool – Visual Website Optimizer). It was incredibly hard to pick 10 best A/B testing resources (not because there weren’t any, but rather there were simply too many great tools, websites, forums, tutorials, etc.). Anyhow, I managed to compile following is the list of top 10 resources (in no particular order): is an interesting website which features a new A/B split test every week. You can vote and discuss about which variation won in the test. It is…

Multivariate testing case study and tutorial on increasing conversion rate

Posted in Case Studies, Multivariate Testing on

I just published a guest post on Smashing Magazine titled Multivariate Testing in Action: Five Simple Steps to Increase Conversion Rates. Essentially, there are five steps to increasing conversion rate: Identify a challenge Define your test hypothesis Decide whether to do A/B testing or multivariate testing Run the test and analyze results Derive lessons from it If these steps sound complicated to you, I recommend you to read the extensive tutorial which has numerous examples. My article explains multivariate testing by means of a case study where I tested following variations on a software download page (notice color and text changes): Can you guess which variation produced maximum downloads? Well, the end result of this test was that #10 combination (in the screenshot above, one with ‘Download for Free’ in red) had 60% improvement in conversion rate. That’s the power of multivariate testing. Read the full case study and tutorial:…

Why Melvin loves Visual Website Optimizer?

Posted in Case Studies on

We are starting a new series to profile testimonials and success stories of users who love Visual Website Optimizer. The idea of I Love VWO series came to us when one of our users, Melvin Ram, sent us a testimonial full of praises (without asking, how fantastic of him!). Following is what Melvin Ram from Volcanic Web Design Company sent us: I love VWO because it’s frictionless. Within 1 hour of setting up an account, we had 2 tests running. Not planned, but running! Now that we’re doing testing, we’re making smarter decisions because they are based on real data about the behavior of our prospects. We previously didn’t take the time to track this because we’re a relatively small company and with Google Website Optimizer, setup took way too much time. VWO has already prevented us from making a big mistake that we were planning on trying for a…