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multivariate testing case study’s adventures in the A/B Testing land

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This case study was first published by, which is one of our customers. They have shared their experience of performing A/B tests on their website. The original blog post was in Norwegian and we translated it into English and are reproducing the same below.

We are constantly striving to improve, and we have generally used traditional tools for analytics as well as usability tests and surveys to assess needs of our visitors and accordingly customize the content and functionality.

Multivariate testing case study and tutorial on increasing conversion rate

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I just published a guest post on Smashing Magazine titled Multivariate Testing in Action: Five Simple Steps to Increase Conversion Rates.

Essentially, there are five steps to increasing conversion rate:

  • Identify a challenge
  • Define your test hypothesis
  • Decide whether to do A/B testing or multivariate testing
  • Run the test and analyze results
  • Derive lessons from it

If these steps sound complicated to you,