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on Conversion Rate Optimization

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This blog post was updated on 16/12/2016. Give it a fresh read to know what we have changed and to get new insights. The best eCommerce product descriptions create an impression at once. They communicate value, get people excited, and make them switch from visitors to customers instantly. A high converting description is not just appealing but also offers complete…

Sometimes you know the changes that will work, and you implement them without testing it because they just seem too obvious. But it's always a good to practice to A/B test those changes nevertheless as it gives you important data to back the claims and it also helps you avoiding bad ideas that seem good earlier (before you A/B tested…

All ecommerce website owners know how important the add-to-cart button is. They would do anything to have a visitor click on that button because that’s where the actual sales process starts. Because of its importance, many eCommerce retailers start A/B testing variations of that button to improve click through rate. That’s precisely what Trinity Insight, a Visual Website Optimizer customer…