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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Sort and Measure Method: Doing User Research from Product Reviews for eCommerce A/B Tests

 Note: This is a guest article written by Devesh Khanal, Founder of Any and all opinions expressed in the post are Devesh’s. It’s well established now that elite conversion optimization firms and experts do extensive user research to generate high-quality test ideas. Without this research, companies will resort to just “gut instinct” and guesses, […]

A Holistic Customer Retention Plan for eCommerce

While eCommerce enterprises realize the impact of customer retention on revenue, there are a number of key challenges that keep them from holistically implementing customer retention strategies. One such challenge is the data complexity involved with calculating certain key metrics such as retention rate. As a result, businesses are making decisions per the metrics that […]

Watch Out! How to Keep Your Reader’s Attention

Now that I have your attention, it’s going to take a lot to keep it. The average reader only has an attention span of about eight seconds when reading online. That means that right about now you’re probably thinking about doing something else; unless of course I do something to keep your attention. Grabbing a […]

Remove Distractions to Reduce eCommerce Cart Abandonments (CRO case study)

Founded in 1992, nameOn is Scandinavia’s leading supplier in personalized gifts with embroidery. In June 2013, they launched an A/B test using Visual Website Optimizer on their “Cart” page. Test was performed on their Swedish website Foundation nameOn signed up to Visual Website Optimizer to conduct a series of A/B tests. Using data in […]


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