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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Debunking the Social Proof myth

Social media and how it can be used in digital marketing has been the subject of many articles and is a centerpiece of many digital strategies. However, recently conversion testing has shown that social media can actually harm some websites, but has not yet clearly established why and how to avoid this ‘social media conversion […]

The best Conversion Rate Optimization posts for August 2012

In June 2012, we curated a list of the best conversion optimization posts for that month. Continuing that feature (with a slight break in July), here’s the treasure trove of CRO insights and learnings from August, 2012. How to prepare your mind — and your team — for split-testing Arielle Patrice Scott, the Marketing Director […]

Strategic marketing in action: how to integrate offline and online campaigns to maximize sales

Jeremy Reeves is a direct response freelance copywriter and marketing strategist who helps businesses uncover hidden assets, boost conversions and maximize profits. See how he can help grow your business at I’ve written several guest blog posts here on Visual Website Optimizer. So far, they’ve all dealt with unconventional tactics I’m using with my […]

Blue link vs. Red link vs. Banner: which one got 50% more clicks?

Beamax, a Belgium based company, manufactures and distributes projection screens for home cinemas and meeting rooms world-wide. They wanted visitors on homepage to go to a site dedicated to ex-demo and one-off items that are sold directly to consumers. (All other screens are sold indirectly through resellers). They admit that it’s a bit odd to […]

Why obsessing over conversion rate is a waste of time

Red Gate software runs an annual challenge where they buy a small software company for a million dollars. They list a number of requirements that the software company must fulfill. One of the requirements that stood out was about conversion rate. They said: If you’re selling your product then it must have at least a […]

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