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Why Random A/B Testing is a One Night Stand

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So you run a test or two, have your moments of virtual euphoria and promise yourself to roll out a meticulous Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy to increase website sales and revenue. But then… You lose steam, the inspiration wears off, you don’t have the time or the mental bandwidth to conduct the research this “long and winding” process requires. You want quick, Flash-like results, so you give into the delicious temptation of running more random tests. A successful random test, after all, is like a seductress. The northward-looking graphs, that beautiful-almost-perfect statistical significance, the simple awareness that a mere tweak can bring in so much more fortune. It’s all nothing short of a digital orgasm. The case for random testing As the headline of this article suggests, there are going to be some hidden and not-so-hidden innuendos around one-night stands. So if morally-questionable analogies aren’t your thing, try to make them your thing and read ahead. Here are some virtues of random…

14 Actionable Tips to Increase Travel Website Bookings

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So the visitors land on your travel website, search for flights and accommodation and then randomly leave without completing the booking — almost on a whim. If your website has also been seeing a similar trend, then you are not alone. On an average, more than 95% traffic coming on hotel, airline and tour packages websites leave without completing the purchase process. Why? Because travel eCommerce is one of the trickiest online businesses — thanks to lengthy marketing funnels, complex search parameters, complicated checkout processes, multiple forms and massive personalization. The average conversion rate (% of website visitors turning into customers) of travel websites is a dismal 4% — far below the 10% conversion rate of financial and media firms. But you can always improve this figure by optimizing your website so that more visitors turn to customers. Here are 14 tips you can implement on your website to make more visitors convert — complete the transaction. 1) Make your ‘Site Search’…

5 Killer Landing Pages and the Science Behind Why They Work

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Landing page is the most important piece of puzzle of any well-designed marketing campaign. It’s where the visitors see your offer for the first time and decide to give it a go, or close the window and forget about you. You only have one shot to make a killer first impression, so you’d better do it right. Grab their attention or die. And I mean it literally – your business may seriously suffer if the first part of AIDA principle is not there. If you don’t grab visitors’ Attention, you’ll never get a chance to Interest them with your product. This cuts out the part when they decide they simply want to use it  – the Desire. And without desire, there is no Action – no clicks, no registrations, no sales, no referrals and no downloads. So, how to create a killer landing page that converts? Others have done it successfully, you can do it….

A/B Testing Image on Lead Generation Page Increased Conversions by 89%

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Makelaarsland is a Netherlands-based brokerage firm. Prospective home sellers can sign up on their website to make the company their estate agent. The Goal The website had a three-step registration process for home listings — Personal Information > Address > Finish. Towards the right, it had a ‘Need Help?’ section with the company phone number and email ID. Underneath, there was a photo of a woman employee. This is how the page originally looked: The A/B Test Traffic Builders, an online marketing firm and a Visual Website Optimizer certified partner, ran an A/B test on Makelaarsland’s lead generation page with an objective to increase the number of home listings. Traffic Builders tested the woman’s image against the photo of a man putting a ‘sold’ sticker on a ‘for sale’ sign. The Result The second version with the man’s image saw 89% increase in sign-ups as compared to the original version. The test…

How a Dutch Travel Agency Increased Bookings by 33% with A/B Testing

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"Take an option" links on Djoser's bookings page

This case study is written by Thijs van der Wal, Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant at Traffic4u, an online marketing agency that uses Visual Website Optimizer to optimize websites for their clients. This post explains how they increased bookings by 33% for Djoser, a major Dutch travel agency, and won the prestigious Gold Award at WhichTestWon’s Online Testing Awards 2014. The test: “Take an Option” This test was implemented on all travel details pages of and focused on travel data/price table. Within this table, visitors continued to a booking form in order to book a specific trip. In the original version (Control), a text link with a call to action button ‘Book now’ was placed next to the specific travel date. The variation consisted of an extra link called ‘Take an option’ that opened the same booking form and captured the same information, BUT, it didn’t immediately book the visitor’s tickets. Instead, it reserved…

13 Tips for Producing High-Converting Videos for Your Business

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The statistics associated with online videos are fascinating. It has been proven that viewers retain 58% more of what they see versus what they read, online shoppers who see videos are 1.81x more likely to buy a product and a site is 53 times more likely to appear on page one of search results if it has a video. To top it off, there are countless case studies of videos increasing conversions for both eCommerce and SaaS companies. So it probably won’t be long before you too decide to get a video made for your site — be it product, instructional or explainer. Here are 13 tips you should keep in mind before and after you take the plunge: 1) Impersonate your target audience Start by drawing up a picture of your target audience. Find out their demographics such as their age group, ethnicity, gender and factor all this intelligence when getting the script ready. Figure…

12 Game-Changing A/B Testing Tips for 2014

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A new year demands fresh ideas, resolutions and plans. It’s that time of the year when you pull up your socks and take your conversion optimization strategy a notch higher. Here are 12 A/B testing tips that can prove to be a game-changer in 2014: 1) Follow the Scientific Method A/B testing is nothing short of a laboratory experiment. In fact, the oldest champion of the concept has been the medical fraternity. To get significant results, it’s important that you follow the Scientific Method. Start the test by first asking yourself a question. Something on the lines of, “Why is the engagement rate of my site lower than that of the competitors”. Then understand your visitors’ behavior by using an analytics tool, construct a hypothesis, figure out the number of visitors/days you need to run the test for, run the test, analyze your data and draw conclusions. Finally, share the…

2013 Round Up – The Best Conversion Rate Optimization Posts From Our Blog

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2013 saw us increase the frequency of our blog publishing and modify the kind of posts we were putting up. The focus was on extremely useful articles that were full of actionable and tactical advice. Here are our top posts from the year gone by. 1) Seven A/B testing mistakes you need to stop making in 2013 We collected the A/B testing mistakes we most often came across and put them in one post as our New Year’s gift to the world of data driven marketing. Last tip was something most people forget: don’t forget to celebrate your wins! 2) Persuasion Design: A Conversion Rate Optimization Framework Optimization specialist Sverre Bech-Sjøthun gave us a comprehensive framework on how to go about CRO and A/B testing. This post is long and for those who really want to learn a systematic way of optimizing their websites. 3) Call to Action Buttons: The…

Why Understanding Your Audience Matters – Good Design Produces Bad Results

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New Page

Uncommon Knowledge trains psychologists, therapists and other mental health practitioners by providing them tried and tested self help and psychology information. Their self-help programs are also open to the public and are easy-to-understand for everyone. Founded in 1998, the company switched to the online world in 2000 to widen its customer base on an international scale. The Business Need With a new product launch due in the near future, the company wanted to expand its reach in order to improve their response for the launch. For this, they decided to first spread the word about their expertise with their 3-trauma treatment videos pack, which was made available for free after visitors entered their name and email on the website. Website Goal To make sure that the response for the product launch went well, it was essential that visitors were convinced enough to signup for the free video pack. It was…