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Anti A/B testing: signups increased by 60% after removing the blog header

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Traffic coming to a specific blog post rarely goes on to read your other blog posts. A visit to homepage or product page from a blog reader is even rarer. No wonder, blogs have unusually high bounce rates. The Visual Website Optimizer blog gets a ton of traffic, but only a trickle of it ultimately converts into signing up for the free 30 day trial. Our original blog design is shown below; note that we had a huge ‘I love Split Testing’ heading towards the top of the page. Even though that’s the name of the blog and ideally it should be retained, our hypothesis was that it may actually be acting as an attention barrier. Note that it competes for attention with the top navigation bar which has product logo and other links related to Visual Website Optimizer. Original blog design (with header) – Enter ‘Anti A/B testing‘ –…

The attack of red buttons: how reduced bounce rate by doing a simple change

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It has been criticized, but it is always guaranteed to work. What is that we are talking about? Yes, you guessed it right: red buttons! No matter how many people consider such A/B tests as a trivial exercise, every now and then they have been demonstrated to increase conversions. The theory of red buttons also worked for one of the Visual Website Optimizer’s users, although they use orange, which fits their color scheme, instead. is one of the Netherlands’ largest eCommerce shops selling mobile phones, GSM plans and other mobile accessories. As you can imagine for an eCommerce site, they have Buy Now buttons used all over the website: product pages, catalogue pages, special offers pages, etc. The challenge for this particular A/B test was that they had to vary ALL buttons on the site at once. A lot of pages (such as the homepage) contain multiple instances of…

How ReplaceDirect used A/B testing to reduce cart abandonment by 25%

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ReplaceDirect, a Visual Website Optimizer customer, is a successful Dutch e-commerce site. It’s one of the biggest retailers in the Netherlands in the field of parts and accessories for notebooks and other mobile equipment. The main focus is on energy products like batteries and power supplies, but the product range is quite extensive. They recently did an A/B test using Visual Website Optimizer where the winning variation reduced cart abandonment by 25%. For e-commerce sites, cart abandonment is one of the most frustrating aspects of business. After all, there’s no company that likes a potential customer to abandon the purchase after spending tons of time on site research and selecting the right products. Fortunately, cart abandonment can be fixed using A/B testing and this case study demonstrates how ReplaceDirect did it. A recent study by Forrester found out that shipping costs rank as the number one reason for shopping cart…

Consolidated clickmaps and heatmaps: a new method for analyzing visitor activity

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We had launched clickmaps and heatmaps for A/B tests recently in Visual Website Optimizer. Since then it has become the most popular feature amongst our users. We aren’t surprised by the success of this new feature because it gives a new angle to A/B test results. While you can always get information about conversion rate, bounce rate and other hard metrics from standard reports, visualizing “hotspots” on a page has a charm of its own. Based on feedback from a user, we rolled out a new minor feature: consolidated clickmaps. Unlike traditional clickmaps, which show results only for a particular page, this new feature will aggregate click activity on ALL your website pages to show which parts get most clicks. This is useful if you have a website that has common template/theme across different pages (e.g. header, footer, sidebar, product box, etc.). Using consolidated clickmaps, you will be able to…

A/B test case study: how two magical words increased conversion rate by 28%

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When we saw the results Soocial had got from their latest A/B test, we were astonished! They added just two words next to the Sign up button and the conversions shot up by 28%. If we say the phrase was one of these: “Sign up for Free”, “It’s Free” or “Free Signup”, can you guess which one did the trick? That is precisely the beauty of A/B testing, you can never guess what works – they only way out is to actually test it. This case study has direct inputs from Soocial CEO, Stefan Fountain. He explains what they tested, why they tested and what others can learn from the results. Background Soocial is an online address book that helps you keep your phone, computer and online services contacts sane. The app syncs, merges and provides backups so that you are never stranded without the contact details you need. It…

Do trust badges on websites work? Oh yes! 32% increase in conversions

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These days you have all sorts of trust badges available to put on your websites. Some are SSL badges, some are good business practices badges and some are even carbon neutral certification badges. But do these badges have any effect? A Visual Website Optimizer user, Karsten Lund (a conversion specialist from Atcore), recently carried out a six-month long A/B test to determine whether an E-mark badge (certifies ethical conduct of Danish businesses) impacts conversion rate. He wrote a detailed case study in Danish and we recommend you to read it here (if you understand the language). For those who prefer to read the case study in English, read this post instead. What was tested? Karsten tested the presence of E-mark (the eye-like icon in the image above) on an eCommerce store House of Kids. 50% visitors saw this badge and 50% didn’t. The test started producing great results right from…

Left v/s Right Sidebar – which layout works best?

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Answer: none. Using Visual Website Optimizer on my blog, I tested the layout of sidebar to see if it has any effect on bounce rate. Particularly, I tested whether the sidebar in right (default on many blogs) works better than the sidebar on left. The answer for my case turned out to be that it doesn’t really matter. (Though it may differ for you – you should A/B test it, it is really quite simple). Here are the versions I tested: Control – Sidebar on the right (click to expand) Variation – Sidebar on the left (click to expand) Both versions had surprisingly similar engagement rate of around 22%. Engagement rate is inverse of bounce rate, so in a way this means , irrespective of sidebar positioning, bounce rate of my blog remains 78% (quite high, by the way). If you want to see actual results, here they are (click…

How RIPT Apparel increased their sales by 6.3% using Visual Website Optimizer

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RIPT Apparel is a Chicago-based online retailer of one-of-a-kind designer tees and wearable art. They sell one new design by a new artist every day starting at midnight CST for $10 and it is only available for a period of 24 hours. After that period, the design rests in peace forever in the T-shirt graveyard and a new one takes over its place. The sense of urgency created by limited availability of the design can be used effectively to drive sales and that is what RIPT Apparel did in their first A/B test. They had never done A/B testing before but were intrigued by the concept and wanted to give it a shot. The tool they selected for this purpose was Visual Website Optimizer. They tested their current buy button against a new buy button to determine which would have the best conversion rate. The conversion rate here being sales…

Debunking seven common excuses for not doing A/B testing

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Most likely, A/B testing isn’t a must do activity for you.  After all, it requires spending some time thinking what to test and then some more time is required for coming up with interesting variations. (Luckily, VWO has removed all the technical and integration hassles so you save time there). All in all, it requires time and effort investment, whose value and returns may not be obvious to you.  Fully agree with you on that front. However, for most people, the bottleneck is creating their first A/B test. The technique sounds hyped up, but it really isn’t and there is proof of even the first, really simple test yielding extremely positive results.  CityCliq, a service that helps local businesses have presence online, created their first test on VWO and saw (statistically significant) 90% increase in conversions. Point to note is that it was CityCliq’s first test, they tested a small…

Using A/B Split testing to refine your startup’s positioning: 90% increase in conversion rate

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CityCliq homepage

Quick, imagine that you own a small local business, say an automotive repair shop, and you are looking forward to using Internet for getting more business. While researching for your options for tools or services, which of the following pitches is going to appeal you most? Businesses grow faster online! Online advertising that works! Get found faster! Create a webpage for your business Having difficulty making your mind? You are not alone. CityCliq provides low-cost, search engine-optimized webpages for small and large businesses. As they provide a suite of tools to businesses for creating and managing their online presence, getting the positioning right is critical. They recently used Visual Website Optimizer to A/B test which product positioning works best. The conversion goal for this test was a click on their pricing plan. Implementation wise, this simple test was quick to setup (took them just 15 minutes to do so); major…