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The Best Conversion Optimization posts from October 2012

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4 Cases Where Short Home Pages Outperformed Long Home Pages

Continuing with our monthly digital curation of the best Conversion Rate Optimization posts, here’s the list for October 2012 in no particular order. If you feel there is something we missed out, please let us know to have it included and help other marketing professionals. How To Identify And Stop Emotion Based Conversion Killers – KISSMetrics  4 Cases Where Short Home Pages Outperformed Long Home Pages – ConversionXL A/B/C split test: The power of a smile The Conversion Rate Optimization Report – 2012 Stats [Infographic] The “Ugly Truth” About Why Ugly Banners and Sites Work So Well! 5 Email Marketing Lessons From The Obama Campaign The dummies’ guide to increasing conversions using email (re)marketing Can You Really Increase Conversions By Decreasing Engagement? Why You Rarely See That Amazing Conversion Lift Your Testing Tool Promised What Spending $252,000 On Conversion Rate Optimization Taught Me Best Practice Gone Bad: 4 Shocking A/B…

The best Conversion Rate Optimization posts for August 2012

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Rethinking the HiPPO

In June 2012, we curated a list of the best conversion optimization posts for that month. Continuing that feature (with a slight break in July), here’s the treasure trove of CRO insights and learnings from August, 2012. How to prepare your mind — and your team — for split-testing Arielle Patrice Scott, the Marketing Director of shows how to introduce a culture of testing where none exists. One quick benefit: you’ll sound a 100 times smarter at any networking event when you say you’re testing your ideas. Conversion Rate Optimization: Rethinking the HIPPO Image taken from Staci Myers/FLickr The inimitable Linda Bustos of GetElastic explains how you can convince the HiPPO (Highest Paid Person in the Organization) to let go of his/her HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) and get buy-in for optimization testing as a regular feature of the marketing calendar. Optimization Summit 2012: Your peers’ top takeaways Although…

The best Conversion Rate Optimization posts for June 2012

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Landing Page Infographic

We’re starting a new section on our blog from this month. Given the large amount of excellent posts about Conversion Rate Optimization being generated these days, we’ve decided to feature our favorites at the end of every month, starting June 2012. So here’s our pick of some of the best CRO posts that the web had to offer (in no particular order). How to Optimize Your Landing Pages [Infographic] This awesome infographic by the fine folks at Invesp lays out how to optimize your landing page in 16 easy steps, along with the top 5 landing page mistakes. Top 20 Conversion Optimization Tips Search Engine Watch does an excellent job of creating a guide of where to start, what to test and the pitfalls to be wary of. 6 Essential PPC Landing Page Optimizations If your customers are not converting, it isn’t their fault. You have 5 seconds to make an…