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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Using Personalization To Increase AOV And Conversion Rates

Dear |FNAME|, As a valued customer, we’d like to… For many eCommerce companies, the first personalization project begins with FNAME. We have become really good at personalizing emails because we know that it works. Emails personalized with recipients’ first names increase open rates by 2.6 percent. Shoppers are more attracted to marketing that targets their […]

8 Ways to Increase Average Order Value for eCommerce

So you have been making gallant efforts at increasing your eCommerce website conversion rate. You are bleeding money on acquiring that all-important traffic, are trying to outwit Google at cracking its ever-changing search algorithm and are anxiously checking your traffic sources, lest they dry up. But if we look at the end objective of these […]

AB Testing Bulk Discount Offers Increased Average Order Value by 18.94%

Paperstone is a London-based office supplies company. They sell over 20,000 products throughout the UK. And also manage in-house the development and optimization of their online store, Test Background and Hypothesis Almost everyone expects a bulk discount when ordering for office supplies. Paperstone got to know about this significant detail during their customer survey. […]

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