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Faster website loading: Visual Website Optimizer Asynchronous code snippet is live

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Asynchronous snippet

Any (synchronous) external or 3rd party JavaScript code you add on your website has potential to slow down your website. A vendor who says your website won’t slow down is probably lying. And, as every marketer knows today, page load time is pretty important. It affects your conversion rate and search rankings. We are committed to our customers’ site speeds and therefore proud to announce immediate availability of asynchronous code snippet for Visual Website Optimizer (VWO). This new code snippet has been months into development and refinement, and now we are first A/B testing vendor to come up with an asynchronous code snippet and are very excited about it! If you are a Visual Website Optimizer user, we highly recommend you to update your code snippet to new asynchronous one. What is Asynchronous loading? Essentially, instead of loading VWO code and your website sequentially, asynchronous code will load both in…