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ab testing

A/B test proves that women find bearded men more attractive

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Yes, you heard that right. The age old debate has finally been put to rest. For many years now, researchers have presented us with conflicting studies about whether women find bearded men more attractive or the clean-shaven ones. For every research that claims the smooth clean-cut look is more desirable among women, there are two counter studies claiming face fuzz is the way to go. But now, a US-based eCommerce website has finally A/B tested their way to the truth. Read on.. The Company AdonisClothing is a US-based eCommerce store exclusively dealing in men’s fashion. However, what sets them apart from other e-shops is that they don’t sell directly to men. Their target audience is women who shop for their boyfriends and spouses. Their website encourages women to shop for a ‘complete makeover of the guy’ and that’s one of the reasons their average order value is on a higher side at $90. Also, according…

(Infographic) How Sports Marketers Can Increase Online Sales

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With the MLB World Series fever in full swing, it’s a good time for online sports marketers to tap into the craze and increase online sales and bookings. The top 5 MLB teams make for a collective valuation of $8.2 billion with the New York Yankees right at the top with a massive $2.5 billion valuation. If you look at the annual spend of Americans on sports each year, the number touches an eye-popping $25 billion. Even the number of baseball tickets sold each year in the US is just a quarter shy of a billion. Yet, most sports websites have a conversion rate of 1%. That means, for every 1,000 visitors coming to the website, only 10 end up buying. That’s some massive waste of the traffic! In this infographic, we share the secret sauce of successful marketers and what you can do to increase your online sales and bookings. Click to get the full image Embed Code: <a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Infographic –…

Success Kid Ran an A/B Test

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Success Kid

We at Wingify spend a lot of our time running A/B tests to increase conversions for ourselves and our customers. But oftentimes, we find ourselves wondering about the deeper questions of life. What would happen if Success Kid ran an A/B test? What if overly attached girlfriend got to know about personalization? What if Bad Luck Brian got into content marketing? And answering these questions is no easy task. They need deep research. So we spent day after day on Meme Generator and Know Your Meme learning more about our characters. Presented below are the findings from our extensive research in a slightly different kind of report. Success Kid First World Problems Overly Attached Girlfriend Drunk Baby Scumbag Steve Bad Luck Brian The Most Interesting Man in the World The meme from Taken — not sure what it’s called Conspiracy Keanu Good Guy Greg Mr Bean Photogenic Guy We got a… Kill Yourself…

Why Random A/B Testing is a One Night Stand

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So you run a test or two, have your moments of virtual euphoria and promise yourself to roll out a meticulous Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy to increase website sales and revenue. But then… You lose steam, the inspiration wears off, you don’t have the time or the mental bandwidth to conduct the research this “long and winding” process requires. You want quick, Flash-like results, so you give into the delicious temptation of running more random tests. A successful random test, after all, is like a seductress. The northward-looking graphs, that beautiful-almost-perfect statistical significance, the simple awareness that a mere tweak can bring in so much more fortune. It’s all nothing short of a digital orgasm. The case for random testing As the headline of this article suggests, there are going to be some hidden and not-so-hidden innuendos around one-night stands. So if morally-questionable analogies aren’t your thing, try to make them your thing and read ahead. Here are some virtues of random…

The World Has Moved On From Plain Vanilla A/B Testing. Have You?

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4 years ago, when our CEO Paras wrote about A/B testing on Smashing Magazine, it was a hit! A/B testing was still a lesser known term then. Today, it is something data-driven marketers swear by. In one of our user surveys, someone also went on to call it “the bread and butter of his job”. But do we do it right? Are we chasing the right metrics? Are our hypotheses strong enough? And importantly, are we still doing those plain vanilla A/B tests? Tests such as changing button colors or tweaking some copy and waiting to see what happens. And the worst of all, testing a change with a view that since another website increased their conversions by making that change, it should work for us as well. No wonder, many of our A/B tests fail and don’t get us the desired results. This is partially because of the not-so-persuasive…

A/B Testing CTA Button Text Increased Clickthroughs by 33.1%

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Empire Flippers is a company started by two website brokers, Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti, to help out online entrepreneurs expand their “online empire” through buying and selling websites and businesses. They run on a ‘marketplace model’ where people can list their established and profitable websites for sale. Their goal is to become the #1 place people go to when they think about virtual real estate. The website has a sidebar on the right which is used to collect leads and also take people to the ‘Create my Account’ section. This is what the original page looked like: The folks at Empire Flippers wanted to improve the click-through rate of the Call-to-Action (CTA) button on the right. For this purpose, they ran multiple A/B tests before deciding on an image that showed the best conversion rate. After that, they decided to keep all other elements same and just change the CTA text to…

10 Tips to Write Headlines that Convert

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“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” The above quote by David Ogilvy, widely known as ‘The Father of Advertising’, might seem dated and quaint in today’s world of online marketing. After all, a sales or lead generation webpage has many more elements beyond ‘headline’ and ‘copy’. What about images, banners, social sharing buttons, user interface or trust badges? Each of those elements influence the conversion rate of a page. However, this does not mean that headlines have lost their importance. A 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report by MarketingSherpa surveyed 2673 marketers and found that headlines, along with call-to-action (CTA) buttons, formed the two most impactful page elements that affect lead generation. Results from VWO’s in-app survey also showed that 20% of testers prefer headline as the…

Launching VWO: The Next Generation of Visual Website Optimizer

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Campaign homepage

Update 4pm IST, June 27 2014 (added more clarification in FAQs): The new update of Visual Website Optimizer is immediately available for all our current customers. Login to your account and a simple click on the dashboard will shift your account to the new VWO. No changes required on the existing VWO code on your website. All your existing reports, settings and campaigns will be preserved. The current campaigns in your account will keep running smoothly. Our customers continue to enjoy all the existing features and visitor quota in accordance to the existing plans. There is no price change for existing customers. You can continue to pay the locked in prices with us as long as your current plan is active. To read more details about this, please refer to FAQs below. The new Visual Website Optimizer We are proud to announce the launch of the massively updated, brand new…

A/B Testing Image on Lead Generation Page Increased Conversions by 89%

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Makelaarsland is a Netherlands-based brokerage firm. Prospective home sellers can sign up on their website to make the company their estate agent. The Goal The website had a three-step registration process for home listings — Personal Information > Address > Finish. Towards the right, it had a ‘Need Help?’ section with the company phone number and email ID. Underneath, there was a photo of a woman employee. This is how the page originally looked: The A/B Test Traffic Builders, an online marketing firm and a Visual Website Optimizer certified partner, ran an A/B test on Makelaarsland’s lead generation page with an objective to increase the number of home listings. Traffic Builders tested the woman’s image against the photo of a man putting a ‘sold’ sticker on a ‘for sale’ sign. The Result The second version with the man’s image saw 89% increase in sign-ups as compared to the original version. The test…