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a/b testing mistakes

Seven A/B testing mistakes you need to stop making in 2013

Posted in A/B Split Testing on
Small wins making you miss the larger picture?

We’ve survived the annihilation predicted by the Mayans and made it into 2013. Ain’t that absolutely awesome? What isn’t so great is all those testing mistakes you’ve almost certainly made through 2012, mistakes (or bad practices) that were holding back your A/B testing and Conversion Rate Optimization efforts. For your benefit, here’s a quick recap of the sub-optimal practices you need to let go of, to truly achieve the gains promised by A/B testing. 1) Not calculating your sample size before starting the test Many marketing folks still don’t calculate the number of visitors needed to run a test before starting the test. As pointed out by Evan Miller in his post “How Not to Run an A/B Test“, you need to decide the required sample size before the test. This ensures that you don’t get bitten by the euphoria (or depression) bug when you see your first statistically significant…