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on Conversion Rate Optimization

The Word “Free,” Thy Presence can Really do Wonders! [A/B Testing Case Study]

The Company Corcentric is a financial process automation software. It specializes in Accounts Payable automation, imaging, and workflow solutions. Corcentric maximizes ease of use and eliminates the risk of Accounts Payable outsourcing with a configurable, cloud architecture SaaS model that incorporates advanced imaging technology. Their homepage clearly defines the value proposition of the software. There’s […]

A/B Testing Case Study: Redoing Navigation Bar on Homepage Increased Sales By 15.68%

The Company Harvard Business Services is a Delaware-registered agent and helps people incorporate their companies in Delaware. They also help their clients form LLCs and corporations and assist with filling their franchise taxes. To encourage more people to buy their services they decided to redo the navigation bar on their homepage. With that in mind, […]

This A/B Test Proves that Time is Money (Almost)

Well Benjamin Franklin said it first. The wise folks took it on from there and ever since every kid and adolescent on the planet has been fed the advice as age-old wisdom. ‘Time is money’ could easily go down in the hall of fame of ‘all-time epic phrases’. And now we have an A/B test to […]

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