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Reducing Choices on Landing Page Increased Revenue by 19%

This case study has been written by Carlos Romero of, a certified partner of VWO. The Company is a Dutch company that sells gift vouchers which can be redeemed for services such as sauna, paintball, dining, among other experiences. Pluimen uses its homepage as a landing page for people searching the term ‘gift voucher’ and […]

How increased sales by 50% & doubled conversions by A/B testing a radical new design

Sometimes it takes a radical redesign to get big results. ClickLab is a Brazilian agency specialized in Conversion Rate Optimization and they used Visual Website Optimizer to test a radical redesign of the primary page on, a popular essay website for students. They chose to focus on the page which receives most entrance traffic. […]

Rules-of-thumb for A/B and Multivariate tests

I recently got interviewed on Unbounce blog as a conversion hero. In the interview, I shared few rules-of-thumb related to A/B and multivariate testing which you may find helpful. I developed these heuristics while observing and advising hundreds of tests created by Visual Website Optimizer users. So, in this post I will paraphrase and expand […]


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