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A/B Split Testing

5 Easy A/B Test Ideas To Get You Started on Conversion Rate Optimization

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Scientific Method

(This is a guest post authored by Ohad Rozen from

Most websites don’t have a massive traffic problem, however every website in the world has a conversion problem. – Bryan Eisenberg

So you’ve just stepped into the world of Conversion Rate Optimization. Everyone seems to be advocating A/B testing. But you are still a little disoriented and would appreciate some direction to get started.

A/B Testing CTA Button Text Increased Clickthroughs by 33.1%

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Empire Flippers is a company started by two website brokers, Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti, to help out online entrepreneurs expand their “online empire” through buying and selling websites and businesses. They run on a ‘marketplace model’ where people can list their established and profitable websites for sale. Their goal is to become the #1 place people go to when they think about virtual real estate.

The website has a sidebar on the right which is used to collect leads and also take people to the ‘Create my Account’

Proving Returns from A/B Testing – 6 Ways to Keep Your Boss Happy

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To gain results from testing, you need to believe in it strongly. You cannot look at testing like other channels or tactics and ask,

“Okay…so, what’s the return from testing this month?”

Testing is a culture, a mindset of optimization. You MUST look at the bigger picture here.

Sometimes you might end up running a series of unsuccessful or somewhat successful tests before you hit gold with a winning test.

Why Most People are Trying to Increase Conversion Rates in the Wrong Places

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All of us want to increase our website conversion rate. We all know it can lead to tremendous improvement to our bottom-line. You already know it can increase leads, sales, back-end profits and give you a competitive edge in your industry. But the harsh reality still haunts us.

It takes time… energy… resources… and manpower.

Even though improving conversion rates has been proven to be one of the most high ROI activities you can do in your business,

One simple tactic that will always increase engagement – in this case by 40%

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Comparison image

In this case study, you will find out how MedienReich ComputerTrainings used one simple tactic to increase site engagement by 40.87%.


MedienReich ComputerTrainings is a German company which provides various software training courses. On its homepage, MedienReich showcases its services in three broad categories.

  • Open training: Offering training to participants from different companies.
  • Individual in-house training: These kind of trainings take place at individual companies and are tailored to specific needs.

Proof of why A/B testing on prices works: 60% additional revenue with ZERO effort

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Price Elasticity Curve A/B tested

Today’s case study is very simple, but has some deep ramifications for anyone selling anything online. It shows how if you’re not A/B testing your prices, you’re probably leaving money on the table.

Six Packs Abs Exercises is a website run by Carl Juneau which provides training videos and guides on how to have a set of “rock hard abs”. At the time of the test, the page selling the abs work out looked like this in both Control and Variation:

Control: When clicking “Add To Shopping Cart”

Seven essential ingredients of a high converting landing page

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For a long time now, A/B testing experts and consultants the world over have been advising their clients to go for the quick wins on a landing page. And when we talk of quick wins, nothing is quicker than changing headline copy. Unfortunately, in larger organizations, it’s also the one that causes a lot of heart burn because marketing and branding executives are uncomfortable positioning their offerings in the completely new ways suggested by the optimization expert.

Debunking the Social Proof myth

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CalPont - With social sharing features

Social media and how it can be used in digital marketing has been the subject of many articles and is a centerpiece of many digital strategies. However, recently conversion testing has shown that social media can actually harm some websites, but has not yet clearly established why and how to avoid this ‘social media conversion trap’.

CalPont is a database management software company based in Frisco, TX. CalPont makes InfiniDB,

The dummies’ guide to increasing conversions using email (re)marketing

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Marketing Sherpa seamless

As co-founder of an email marketing company I’m lucky enough to see a lot of email marketing campaigns.

But let me tell you this: most businesses aren’t using email remarketing to lift their conversions and their profits.

The upside here is that if you can learn to nail email remarketing you’ll not only dramatically lift your conversions but you’ll be a long way ahead of your competitors.

Take they have been using email remarketing for just three months and it is now accounting for 10% of their overall revenues.

A/B test shows how distractions hurt conversion rates

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Tourists - Allow them to look around and soak in the experience

Visitors to websites are a lot like travelers on a journey. Some want to look around and explore a place (like tourists) while others have a specific destination in mind that they want to reach as quickly as possible without any trouble (like business travelers).

Photo by Adam Jones

Adding a conversion optimization twist to this analogy, it is the important that you allow the tourist to easily soak in the information and experiences your website offers,