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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Structured Approach To Testing Increased This Insurance Provider’s Conversions By 30%

CORGI HomePlan provides boiler and home cover insurance in Great Britain. It offers various insurance policies and an annual boiler service. Its main value proposition is that it promises “peace of mind” to customers. It guarantees that if anything goes wrong, it’ll be fixed quickly and won’t cost anything extra over the monthly payments. Problem […]

A/B Testing Copy on Homepage Increased Leads by 69% [Case Study]

The Company VenueSphere is an online third-party referral business that helps individuals and companies find a perfect venue for parties, meetings, conferences and other events. They are based out of London and their service is completely free for visitors. To capture leads, they have a neat and simple form above the fold on their homepage. […]

Adding Certificates & Payment Options on Product Pages Increased Clicks on Add to Cart

The Company Manna is a Hungary-based online store that sells chemical-free, organic and handmade personal-care products like soaps, body butters, essential oils, etc. Their products are available for purchase in Hungary, Germany, Austria and Serbia. The Hypothesis Being a Hungarian brand in Germany, they have to deal with a lot of trust issues. To overcome […]

93.71% Increase in Clickthroughs by A/B Testing Pricing Page Redesign

Pricing page is one of the high-impact pages of any website. For a SaaS business, it is particularly important because this is where the serious buyers will spend a lot of time., a Finland-based event management software company, found that their pricing page wasn’t clearly communicating the product features. Hence, they decided to redesign […]

Prominent price display increases leads generated by 100%

A fairly common decision faced by eCommerce website owners everywhere is whether or not to clearly display the prices of what they’re selling. Displaying the price (along with the product or service features) allows visitors to judge immediately whether they want to buy or not. From a usability standpoint, it’s a highly efficient process. However, […]

Blue link vs. Red link vs. Banner: which one got 50% more clicks?

Beamax, a Belgium based company, manufactures and distributes projection screens for home cinemas and meeting rooms world-wide. They wanted visitors on homepage to go to a site dedicated to ex-demo and one-off items that are sold directly to consumers. (All other screens are sold indirectly through resellers). They admit that it’s a bit odd to […]

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