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2 Min Read

Official plugin for Omniture SiteCatalyst

Paras Chopra
Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

One of the VWO users, Jason Thompson did a great job in integrating VWO with Omniture SiteCatalyst. (We already have a Google Analytics plugin).

We recently updated the plugin for Site Catalyst and decided to write the instructions on our own blog (though the original credit for the code goes to Jason).

How to integrate VWO and SiteCatalyst

You need to designate one of your Custom Conversion variables as your optimization tracking variable and copy-paste following code in doPlugins section of your s_code.js file. (Also make sure VWO code snippet is located before s_code.js on your page)

try {
    if (typeof (_vis_opt_settings_loaded) == "boolean") {
        var _combination = _vis_opt_readCookie('_vis_opt_exp_'+_vis_opt_experiment_id+'_combi');
        if(typeof(_vwo_exp[_vis_opt_experiment_id].combination_chosen) != "undefined") 
           _combination = _vwo_exp[_vis_opt_experiment_id].combination_chosen;
        if (typeof (_vis_opt_comb_name[_combination]) != "undefined") {
           s.eVar55 = _vis_opt_experiment_id + ":" + _vis_opt_comb_name[_combination];
} catch (e) { }

That’s all is what is required to start importing VWO variation data into your Omniture SiteCatalyst.

Note: The integration with Omniture SiteCatalyst works only if you are using Synchronous VWO tracking code on your webpage.

How do the reports in SiteCatalyst look like?

Following is a sample report (fictitious data):

That’s it. I hope you get a wealth of additional data from our SiteCatalyst plugin.

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