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New feature: select date range for Visual Website Optimizer reports

A customer requested this feature, and we obliged! Visual Website Optimizer reports now come with a date picker to let a user see reports only for a specific date range (of course, in addition to the default aggregated report). See below how this date picker looks like:

Although test reports should always be analyzed in aggregate (to avoid introducing any statistical bias), this feature will come handy if you want to analyze following scenarios:

  • How do the test variations perform on weekends v/s weekdays (most of the sites get different type of traffic on different days of the week)
  • If you have been running a test for long, and one specific day you saw a rush of visitors due to an ad campaign or press mention, you may want to analyze how test variations performed for this “new” kind of visitors
  • Most importantly, this feature will be useful to verify your test findings. Suppose you found a winning variation and you disable all other variations from the test. After a few days of running only the winning variation on your test page, you can see if the conversion rate for that period compares to what you saw during the test.

We are excited about this new feature, and it goes on to show that we are working towards making reports powerful and flexible to allow different kinds of analysis. Hope you too like the new feature!

Note: the date range doesn’t apply to clickmap and heatmap data. They are always shown in aggregate.

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