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New feature: email notifications of test results

We just launched a cool new feature in Visual Website Optimizer: email notifications! VWO already has a feature which monitors your test in the background and disables loser variations or starts displaying winning variation to all site traffic automatically. This ensured that the test reduced risk of losing sales and conversions because losing variations get automatically disabled. Now, we have added email notifications to automatic monitoring so that any time a winner or loser variation is found, you get an email like the following:

UWe also did a quick update in conversion goals, so that you can now choose any goal as primary goal (which will be analyzed for crunching email notifications). So, now you can pick the conversion goal (note: you can add multiple conversion goals for each A/B test) you want to monitor, choose to disable losing variations for that goal and simply sit back and relax. You will get updates as soon as losing or winner variations are found!

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