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Magento A/B testing extension for Visual Website Optimizer

Ecommerce websites know how important is it to do regular A/B testing. And if you need to change your website code every time you create an A/B test, you are bound to get slow and very frustrated. We already have an integration with BigCommerce, one of the most popular online store SaaS. Now we have come up with a fantastic A/B testing extension for most popular open source eCommerce solution: Magento.

The A/B testing extension for Magento is dead simple to install and does not require you to fiddle with any of your template source code. Creating A/B test is as simple as installing the Magento plugin and then creating an A/B test in Visual Website Optimizer. That’s it! No more painful changes in website code to get a simple Add-to-cart button test done.

Installation instructions for Magento A/B testing extension

  • Download the extension and extract it (Right click on the link and save the file if it doesn’t download on a click)
  • Move the folder “app” into your site’s root directory. Click “Yes” to overwrite files, if prompted
  • Logout and login to Magento once
  • In Admin Panel of your site, go to “Configurations” under “System” menu
  • In left panel, watch out for the section titled “Wingify” and click “A/B testing using Visual Web Optimizer”
  • On configurations page of the extension, activate it and enter your Visual Website Optimizer account ID (can be found after signing up and logging into your Visual Website Optimizer account)
  • Create A/B tests using Visual Website Optimizer interface and make them live instantaneously (since the plugin is already installed and activated on your site)

Let us know if the extension is useful! Hope you get great results for A/B, split and multivariate tests on your eCommerce store.

Note: You will still need to add additional code for revenue goal and the custom conversion goal.

UPDATE: If you install the Visual Website Optimizer code by hand and then install Magento, your website might face some issues. The correct way to do it is to first install Magento, then the VWO module. Thanks to Jake from for pointing this out.

If you’re having any problems with the VWO Magento plugin, please email

Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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  1. Great addition to your toolset. Its amazing how much Magento has gained in the last three years. Aligning with them, especially after the ebay acquisition is a great move.

    Retailers never test enough, their platforms are too traditional. Grid presentation, 3 across 10 rows down…bleh.

    I wrote a blog post with some perspectives about testing at the category level in ecommerce…

  2. How is this different from just putting the tracking code in the Config => Design => HTML Head => Miscellaneous Scripts box?

  3. Great extension… Seems to be missing the revenue tracking from success.phtml. Only a couple more lines of code which we could supply if wanted.

    1. @Ethan: is success.phtml standardized in Magento. We could extend the extension to do automatic revenue tracking if that is the case.

  4. Is the Extension also compatible to Magento Enterprise 1.10.1 ?
    And did you enable to track the revenues?

    1. @Jan: yes, the extension should work with Magento Enterprise. Yes, we do have revenue tracking (although not automatic for Magento)

  5. Is it possible to use this Magento plugin to use Visual Website Optimizer to run tests on the cart page and the onepage checkout, please?

    I’m asking because I’ve seen examples of tests on product pages and category pages, but I am particularly interested in cart and checkout abandons.

    Thanks for any advice or examples.


    1. @Tim: I’m sure Magento plugin runs on cart page and checkout pages as well. There is no need to install code separately on those pages.

  6. Is it possible to use this plugin to test things across multiple pages? For example, we’d like to test different versions of the “Add to Cart” button. If that’s possible, how would we do it?

  7. What do you mean with your note:
    Note: You will still need to add additional code for revenue goal and the custom conversion goal.

    Is this a seperate piece of code that comes with the VWO account that needs to be installed on the sale-succes page?

    thanks in advance

  8. @Siddharth, I’m very interested in the subject of using revenue as the measure of success. Please could email me more about this, or post information here.

    I’m considering testing a banner/button encouraging people to double their order (it’s a consumable item) so that they don’t run out next time.

    So I would hope to find some way of measuring whether the order value increased.

    Having said that, I have not really thought this through yet: there is a risk that ‘remorse’ might mean that people increased their orders and then abandoned the checkout at a highe rate. NOT a good result.

  9. I now have a question about actually running a test on a Magento page. But this question would also be relevant on many other systems.

    I would like to test changing the wording and color of the standard Magenton “Proceed to checkout” on the cart page.

    But the problem is that when I start to set up the test and enter the URL

    I only see the “your cart is empty” version of the page, of course. So I cannot select the “Proceed to checkout” button as the item to be tested.

    I guess this is a very common problem and that there is a work round. Please can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks!

  10. Hi guys, just an FYI… if you install the code by hand, AND subsequently install the magento module, it will cause your site to display NOTHING but WHITE in my case.

    Be sure to do ONE or the OTHER, and not both. Our site was blank with hyperlinks (the mouse would change into the hand letting me know the links were there) for about a half hour until I traced it to the issue. I just wanted to put this up to let you know!!

    I love vwo by the way 😀

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