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[Infographic] Why Your Acquisition Strategy is Failing You

Nitin Deshdeep
Nitin is a traveler, a cinephile, and a webaholic. (He just can't get enough of cat videos!) Professionally, Nitin is a marketer at VWO, who loves to write about Conversion Optimization.

A business’s website is the biggest shop window they have. In the UK alone, marketers are expected to spend £8.1 billion on digital advertising. That investment generates a lot of traffic and it can come through a myriad of acquisition channels.

Research conducted by PRWD and Brand Republic found that marketers are predominantly focusing their investment in PPC, email campaigns and SEO. While this in itself isn’t particularly revealing, these acquisition strategies are showing diminishing returns as the competition grows.

Not only that, with such significant investment into acquiring traffic, you would expect that the website itself would also receive equal if not more investment to ensure the visitors arriving on site convert. Reality, however, paints a very different picture.

Check out the infographic below to see how many business’s digital marketing strategies are one-sided and missing out on converting the traffic they spend so much money acquiring.

Click here to get the full infographic


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