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Hello world, welcome your new buddy for Conversion Rate Optimization!

We are starting a new blog on conversion rate optimization today. It will contain tips, tricks, hacks, guides and secrets for converting your website visitors into your customers.

If you are serious about your business online and don’t have a clue what your conversion rate is, stop reading right now! You cannot  optimize what you don’t measure.  First step is to know what percent of your website visitors take the action which you want them to. It can be commenting on your blog, signing up for your service, making a purchase, or even simply browsing through as many pages on your site as possible. Fish out your web analytics help and setup conversion goals for your website now. We can guarentee you that you will be in for a reality check when you see that number 🙂

Make sure you subsribe to the blog either through email or through RSS, because we are going to post very exciting stuff here on a regular basis.  If it is about conversion optimization, it is going to be on this blog (eventually).

Happy to stay in touch with you. Welcome us to the world of conversion rate optimization.

Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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