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on Conversion Rate Optimization

5 Reasons Your A/B Test Fails (And How Not To)

There are umpteen case studies out there that will be no less than a miracle… ‘How we took an A/B test and saw a 200 percent jump in conversions’. Like all things shiny and bright this one has a dark side. While the sudden boom in conversions and stories that sell you great promises are […]

Online marketing blueprint to get more customers

Here is a complete blueprint of how to get more customers for your service or product: Get more traffic: Organic Traffic: SEO (for the terms that are relevant to us and are maximally searched) Onsite optimiztion New content Off site optimization (backlinks) Paid Traffic: PPC Adwords campaign Research of keywords so that CTR is high […]

The joke of long tail search keywords

On this blog and on Visual Website Optimizer‘s blog, we get a lot of long tail search visitors. The term long tail is borrowed from power-law like distributions, wherein a small number of elements make up for the most volume while a large number of different elements make up for lesser volume. The latter one […]

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