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(Infographic) How Sports Marketers Can Increase Online Sales

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With the MLB World Series fever in full swing, it’s a good time for online sports marketers to tap into the craze and increase online sales and bookings. The top 5 MLB teams make for a collective valuation of $8.2 billion with the New York Yankees right at the top with a massive $2.5 billion valuation. If you look at the annual spend of Americans on sports each year, the number touches an eye-popping $25 billion. Even the number of baseball tickets sold each year in the US is just a quarter shy of a billion. Yet, most sports websites have a conversion rate of 1%. That means, for every 1,000 visitors coming to the website, only 10 end up buying. That’s some massive waste of the traffic! In this infographic, we share the secret sauce of successful marketers and what you can do to increase your online sales and bookings. Click to get the full image Embed Code: <a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Infographic –…

VWO acquires Concept Feedback – Get winning A/B testing ideas through expert UX feedback

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VWO acquires Concept Feedback

We’re proud to announce the acquisition of Concept Feedback, a leading community and resource for locating and contracting with website design and user experience (UX) experts that is used by brand marketers to increase conversion rates. As part of the acquisition, Concept Feedback’s offering will be gradually integrated with Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), with Concept Feedback continuing to operate independently. Concept Feedback aligns with VWO’s flagship feature, the IdeaFactory; a curated library of more than 300 testing ideas and case studies for website optimization and conversion tracking. Concept Feedback will provide a similar functionality, enabling VWO’s customers to tap into expertise and new ideas from thousands of UX designers. The primary reason we’re acquiring Concept Feedback is because we LOVE the community of 26,000+ designers that has blossomed there. We’ve had a long relationship with Concept Feedback. Back in 2010, we got feedback from the Concept Feedback community on the…

Launching VWO: The Next Generation of Visual Website Optimizer

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Campaign homepage

Update 4pm IST, June 27 2014 (added more clarification in FAQs): The new update of Visual Website Optimizer is immediately available for all our current customers. Login to your account and a simple click on the dashboard will shift your account to the new VWO. No changes required on the existing VWO code on your website. All your existing reports, settings and campaigns will be preserved. The current campaigns in your account will keep running smoothly. Our customers continue to enjoy all the existing features and visitor quota in accordance to the existing plans. There is no price change for existing customers. You can continue to pay the locked in prices with us as long as your current plan is active. To read more details about this, please refer to FAQs below. The new Visual Website Optimizer We are proud to announce the launch of the massively updated, brand new…

What You Should Know About the Optimizely “Vulnerability”

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Update 25th June 2014 7pm IST: With the new version of VWO, we have now given an option to mask experiment names and variation names. Update 5th June 2014 11 am IST: It looks like Optimizely is planning to fix the issues that have been identified – particularly they will allow exclusion of paused and draft tests from test settings. We’re glad they responded quickly to this. Gaining trust of businesses by fixing such issues will be good for A/B testing industry at large, and that was our original intention. In the comments below, people mention that knowing what tests are running is possible using VWO as well. As we write in the article, it’s by definition possible for all A/B testing tools. What is not possible from the VWO test settings code right now is to know what tests are planned or what tests were conducted in the past…

Announcing Limited Early Access to the New VWO

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We’re happy to announce that the new version of Visual Website Optimizer is now available for limited early access to our current customers and users. If you are an existing user, simply login to your VWO account and in your dashboard, you will get a link to request early access. Question: When will the new version launch for everyone? We’ve been working on the new version of Visual Website Optimizer for months, and we’re still not entirely finished! We were supposed to do a full launch today (29th April 2014) but there are some last bits that we need to take care of. The new version is ready and we already have some partners using it, however we want to make sure we don’t leave any stone unturned to deliver you the best in website and mobile testing the world has ever seen. Question: What does early access mean? Early…

We Doubled Our Business In One Year

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First, the good news: Visual Website Optimizer recently surpassed 3000 active paying customers. This customer base spans 80+ countries around the world and includes brands like Microsoft, Groupon, AMD, GE, and Disney among others. Our pet hamster is giddy with happiness about this milestone. Now to the back story. What changed in one year? A year back, we celebrated the milestone of 1600 paying customers and moving into a newer, bigger office. It had taken us more than two years to hit that milestone, and since we’re a bootstrapped company, a large customer base, an expanded team and a bigger office meant a lot for us. Today, we’re even more proud because we achieved more last year than what we have been able to do since the beginning of the company. Take a note of things that have changed in past one year: Our customer base grew from 1600 to…

Visual Website Optimizer gets IdeaFactory, Clone Element and many other improvements!

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A/B testing idea repository

The engines at Wingify are always running at full steam ahead. Visual Website Optimizer is getting better all the time (even though sometimes the changes are not immediately visible). Here is what’s new! The A/B Testing IdeaFactory We regularly get email from users who’ve hit a testing roadblock. Generally, most people quickly go through the usual Headlines, Call To Action and Copy tests after which they’re stumped for new optimization ideas. To solve that problem, we’ve created the IdeaFactory. It’s a bold, shiny, red tab in Visual Website Optimizer that you simply can’t miss. In this new feature, we’ve put together a collection of testing ideas along with quick case studies for demonstration purposes. We’re still iterating on this so please try it out and tell us how we can improve it. Whatever thoughts, ideas, criticism or feedback you have, we want to hear them. Clone Elements in the Visual…

With 2500+ customers, an epic journey has just begun at Wingify

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Hamster says: download our presentation!

Oh well, how the time passes. I distinctly remember the first day I decided to do “something” in the online marketing space and hence begun hunting for the perfect name. After numerous variations and tweaks, I finally settled down on a domain that sounded just fine and inspired joy and enthusiasm. The name was Wingify and the date it was registered on was 9th November, 2008. I was 21 years old then. Fresh out of college, I was naive and had very little savings. What I had instead was an insuppressible itch to do “something of my own”. With many startup attempts during college, I had tried curing that itch, but with each failure, the itch only grew stronger. So when I was thrown out in the real world, Wingify came into existence as a boilerplate “project” to cure that itch. Wingify – early days (June, 2011) Fast-forward to the…

Second year in a row: 9 award winning A/B and Multivariate tests

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Rasmussen College

WhichTestWon is a website that features results of A/B tests and visitors can vote which version of a page won. This gamification of A/B tests has resulted in a huge community built around the website and the active discussions after each test are a testament to that. At the end of the year, they conduct the Online Testing Awards, where they select A/B test entries deemed most useful for marketers and optimization specialists. Last year during the Online Testing Awards 2012, Visual Website Optimizer was the A/B testing software used by 9 award winners across multiple categories. The smashing bit is that we’ve repeated the performance this year too! Visual Website Optimizer is the testing tool used by 9 award winners in the Online Testing Awards 2013, more than any other tool that participated. The thought process and reason for these awards is something that we completely agree with –…

Visual Website Optimizer now integrates with ClickTale

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Being a young company, we know that focus is extremely important for Visual Website Optimizer. For that reason, the tool currently focuses primarily on A/B and Multivariate testing. While we’re always adding new features (Cross Browser Previews were rolled out last week to all our users and before that it was A/B testing for Mobile and Responsive websites) we understand that our users’ success is enabled by a combination of first class tools. Therefore, we’re always looking to integrate with applications most in-demand by our customers. Today, we’d like to announce that Visual Website Optimizer now integrates with the leading Customer Experience Analytics tool, ClickTale. While you could always view heatmaps and clickmaps of your variations in Visual Website Optimizer, the integration with ClickTale will allow you to view recorded sessions of each A/B test variation seen by your visitors using ClickTale’s Visitor Playback feature, along with the ability to filter…