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Thanks for helping VWO bootstrap its way into the survived-5-year club

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Great news! Visual Website Optimizer completed five years today, and oh, we crossed 4k active paying customers, too! We’ve made a special page to share our birthday party with you. Take a look:

I wanted to thank you for sharing this A/B testing industry with us. A big thanks for being a customer, a user, and a well-wisher. As a bootstrapped company commencing with the initial investment of a $20 server and a $10 domain name,

Drunk User Reviews VWO: Beer, Tequila and the World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool

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When was the last time you conducted a usability test (what?) and the reviewer began this way:

I have a lot of tequila in my hand, which is pretty cool.

A good two years ago, Will Dayble, UI and UX expert, told the world “Great UI isn’t there.” The user should feel no friction, and be able to use the website as if there is no boundary between them and the website.

(Infographic) How Sports Marketers Can Increase Online Sales

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With the MLB World Series fever in full swing, it’s a good time for online sports marketers to tap into the craze and increase online sales and bookings.

The top 5 MLB teams make for a collective valuation of $8.2 billion with the New York Yankees right at the top with a massive $2.5 billion valuation. If you look at the annual spend of Americans on sports each year, the number touches an eye-popping $25 billion. 

VWO acquires Concept Feedback – Get winning A/B testing ideas through expert UX feedback

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VWO acquires Concept Feedback

We’re proud to announce the acquisition of Concept Feedback, a leading community and resource for locating and contracting with website design and user experience (UX) experts that is used by brand marketers to increase conversion rates.

As part of the acquisition, Concept Feedback’s offering will be gradually integrated with Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), with Concept Feedback continuing to operate independently. Concept Feedback aligns with VWO’s flagship feature,

Launching VWO: The Next Generation of Visual Website Optimizer

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Update 4pm IST, June 27 2014 (added more clarification in FAQs): The new update of Visual Website Optimizer is immediately available for all our current customers. Login to your account and a simple click on the dashboard will shift your account to the new VWO. No changes required on the existing VWO code on your website. All your existing reports, settings and campaigns will be preserved. The current campaigns in your account will keep running smoothly.

Announcing Limited Early Access to the New VWO

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We’re happy to announce that the new version of Visual Website Optimizer is now available for limited early access to our current customers and users. If you are an existing user, simply login to your VWO account and in your dashboard, you will get a link to request early access.

Question: When will the new version launch for everyone?

We’ve been working on the new version of Visual Website Optimizer for months,

We Doubled Our Business In One Year

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First, the good news: Visual Website Optimizer recently surpassed 3000 active paying customers. This customer base spans 80+ countries around the world and includes brands like Microsoft, Groupon, AMD, GE, and Disney among others. Our pet hamster is giddy with happiness about this milestone.

Now to the back story.

What changed in one year?

A year back, we celebrated the milestone of 1600 paying customers and moving into a newer,

Visual Website Optimizer gets IdeaFactory, Clone Element and many other improvements!

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A/B testing idea repository

The engines at Wingify are always running at full steam ahead. Visual Website Optimizer is getting better all the time (even though sometimes the changes are not immediately visible). Here is what’s new!

The A/B Testing IdeaFactory

We regularly get email from users who’ve hit a testing roadblock. Generally, most people quickly go through the usual Headlines, Call To Action and Copy tests after which they’re stumped for new optimization ideas.

With 2500+ customers, an epic journey has just begun at Wingify

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Hamster says: download our presentation!

Oh well, how the time passes. I distinctly remember the first day I decided to do “something” in the online marketing space and hence begun hunting for the perfect name. After numerous variations and tweaks, I finally settled down on a domain that sounded just fine and inspired joy and enthusiasm. The name was Wingify and the date it was registered on was 9th November, 2008.

I was 21 years old then.