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Multivariate Testing

How to visualize A/B test results? Shiny new charts to the rescue

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Graphical visualization of dense information is perhaps the most important component for metrics-heavy apps such as Visual Website Optimizer. Accordingly, intuitive display of A/B test results is a priority for us. In the same spirit, we’re happy to  introduced new test result charts. Take a look at the screenshot below and bask in awesomeness: On the left Y-axis you can see conversion rates for control and different variations. The red series represents average conversion rate. On the right Y-axis you can see total visitors in the test and total conversions. Also, as you can see, hovering on points pops up a box summarizing that day’s performance of the variation. What is not obvious in the screenshot is that by clicking on series legends, you can switch them on and off. Plus, hovering on series legend highlights the respective series and dims all other series. How cool? These shiny new charts…

Yummier than freshly baked cookies: multiple conversion goals for an A/B or multivariate test

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Yay! The most requested Visual Website Optimizer feature is finally here. Now you can set multiple goals for your A/B or multivariate test. Earlier you could only define one goal per test, which was limiting for a lot of users.  But now the game changes completely with multiple goals. Suppose you are doing an A/B test on your homepage, with the new feature you can now track the performance of variations on any number of goals which can be of different types: click on a link, visit to a page, form submission, visitor engagement or custom conversion event. This means you can track the impact of a variation on your site’s bounce rate, registrations, sales or any other arbitrary goal you can imagine.  Essentially, tracking goals across your funnel during an A/B test has become a lot easier. Moreover,VWO’s integration with Google Analytics, Omniture SiteCatalyst and other analytics packages will…

Video Tutorial: Landing Page Optimization through Multivariate Testing in just 4 minutes

Posted in A/B Split Testing, Multivariate Testing on

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video is worth laboring through hundreds of documentation pages and forum threads. The following video shows how to create a multivariate test using Visual Website Optimizer in well under 4 minutes.  The short tutorial is a must watch if you have heard about multivariate testing in articles/blogs; and always wondered what exactly is it. Even if you haven’t heard about multivariate testing, don’t worry – this tutorial with demystify that. Basically, multivariate testing is a technique where you vary several elements on your page to see which version results in maximum conversions (that is, form submissions in this case).  A successful multivariate test can often result in 50-100% increase in conversions (case study to come out soon). Without any further blabbering, here is your video tutorial on multivariate testing (click Play to start the video):