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on Conversion Rate Optimization

5 Conversion Best Practices Defied by Lead Generation Studies (with actionable insights)

If sticking to conversion optimization best practices would yield positive outcome every time, the whole definition of A/B testing will change. Then AB tests would be conducted to only document the conversion increase percentage of the challenger, instead of testing which variation of the website performs the best. But let’s get real. That’s not how […]

How To Prepare Product Review Pages That Convert To Sales

Many consumers read product reviews when deciding which is best to buy. Consumers are taking advantage of widely available wireless internet to share their experiences with products in online communities. Potential buyers also want to gain information from others who have purchased the products they are considering. According to a survey in October 2008 by the […]

Proof of how important website titles are for SEO

On popular forum Hacker News, there were recent discussions on how important website titles are for search engine optimization. Today (unexpectedly) something interesting happened which proves how much influence the right webpage titles can have on your search rankings. I am talking about this recent post on Visual Website Optimizer blog announcing free 2500 visitors […]

Your swiss-army knife for increasing website sales and conversions

All right, let’s admit it: increasing conversion rate on a website is still a voodoo science for many. With new technologies and terminology being thrown around (on Twitter, blogs, etc.) every other day, it doesn’t get any easier for people just starting to understand conversion optimization. In this post, I will try to briefly talk about […]

Only three metrics matter for your online business

There are number of metrics that startups and websites obsess on. Some of the most overanalyzed yet non-useful metrics are number of visitors or pageviews on a website. The reason startups get obsessive about them is that these metrics are easy to use and are no brainer. Just slap some code on the website and […]

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