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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Six Ecommerce Pricing Strategies For Brave Hearts

Pricing is tricky. You can ask consumers how much they would pay for a product or a service, but their behavior in real-world will most likely not match their answers. After all, spending hypothetical dollars are a lot easier than spending your hard-earned money for real. So how can you know what’s the right price? […]

How to beat most professional copywriters (webinar slides and video)

We recently presented a webcast titled “How to beat most professional copywriters” with Dr. Karl Blanks, the co-founder of Conversion Rate Experts. He has over 9 years of experience helping clients like Apple, Google, Facebook and Sony increase their conversion rate through smart copywriting. In the slides and video you’ll find: Three real world copy […]

How to Write High Converting Product Descriptions for eCommerce

This blog post was updated on 16/12/2016. Give it a fresh read to know what we have changed and to get new insights. The best eCommerce product descriptions create an impression at once. They communicate value, get people excited, and make them switch from visitors to customers instantly. A high converting description is not just […]

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