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on Conversion Rate Optimization

How increased sales by 50% & doubled conversions by A/B testing a radical new design

Sometimes it takes a radical redesign to get big results. ClickLab is a Brazilian agency specialized in Conversion Rate Optimization and they used Visual Website Optimizer to test a radical redesign of the primary page on, a popular essay website for students. They chose to focus on the page which receives most entrance traffic. […]

Best A/B Testing Case Studies of 2010

Boy, what a year 2010 has been for A/B testing industry and Visual Website Optimizer. We saw tens and hundreds of small/medium sized businesses increase sales and conversions on their websites. Our repository of A/B testing case studies is the proof that A/B testing works! To celebrate the excitement of 2011, I have complied the […]

Usability is not dead: how left navigation menu increased conversions by 34% for an eCommerce website

Many people believe that A/B testing goes against the basic sentiment behind usability. After all, a usable website should have high conversion rate and so you don’t require A/B testing? Well, answer to that question is both yes and no. Every highly converting website should be usable, but every usable website need not be highly […]

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