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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Removing 3 form fields increases customer registrations by 11% is Norway´s leading online beauty shop with approximately 20,000 visits per day. In September 2012, they performed  an A/B-test of the site registration form using the A/B testing software Visual Website Optimizer. They were aware that the site had an overly complicated registration process, but wanted to collect actual data to support the suspicion. The goal […]

A/B test shows how distractions hurt conversion rates

Visitors to websites are a lot like travelers on a journey. Some want to look around and explore a place (like tourists) while others have a specific destination in mind that they want to reach as quickly as possible without any trouble (like business travelers). Photo by Adam Jones Adding a conversion optimization twist to […]

How large should your A/B test sample size be?

“How large does the sample size need to be?” In the online world the possibilities for testing just about anything are immense. And many experiments are done indeed, the result of which are interpreted following the rules of null-hypothesis testing, “are the results statistically significant?”. An important aspect in the work of the database analyst […]

Prominent price display increases leads generated by 100%

A fairly common decision faced by eCommerce website owners everywhere is whether or not to clearly display the prices of what they’re selling. Displaying the price (along with the product or service features) allows visitors to judge immediately whether they want to buy or not. From a usability standpoint, it’s a highly efficient process. However, […]

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