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7 Freshly Brewed Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for 2016

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has greatly risen in popularity across various online industries, in recent years. And in all probability, it’s going to receive even more attention in 2016. However, with the increased recognition and acceptance of CRO, and the ever-changing consumer behavior on the internet, conversion rate optimization has to evolve. As reported in […]

5 Parts of a Highly Converting Email – Analysis for Optimization

When it comes to lead generation or customer communication, email marketing is still the preferred medium for a lot of businesses. And, for good reasons. Email marketing can help businesses generate 138% more revenue. 60% of marketers report that their email marketing efforts produce healthy ROI. Email even beats the most popular social media platforms […]

How To Boost Travel Website Bookings Using Funnel Optimization

Conversions do not come easy for travel websites. Compared to regular eCommerce stores, travel sites have poor conversion rates. This is mainly because travel sites tend to have longer and more complex conversion funnels (owing to elaborate searches and high AOV). When any stage of the funnel is not optimized, users leave. Users require persistent […]

9 Actionable Tips to Build An Effective Lead Magnet

Converting website visitors into customers — as we all know — is not simple. It’s often a lengthy process, which requires constant persuasion of prospective customers (or leads). This process is referred to as Lead Nurturing, which starts with collecting leads. And, the more the number of leads, the higher is the chance of converting […]

8 Indisputable Ways To Increase Web Form Conversions

At the heart of almost every website conversion funnel, lie web forms. Web forms help websites convert visitors into subscribers, leads, or customers. However, making visitors fill up those forms is a great challenge. Because, hey, nobody likes filling up forms! A well-optimized website or landing page can still suffer if it contains poorly designed […]

9 Silly Blunders Every Conversion Optimizer Should Avoid

Conversion Rate Optimization is a scientific process. It involves multiple intricate steps that are often time-taking. For this reason, many CRO newbies (and even “experts) try to cut corners. However, they end up making several mistakes. Many times, they miss out on conversions. And sometimes, even worse, they lose revenue. This post aims to make […]

A Guide to Using Google Analytics Metrics and Dimensions for Conversion Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization for a website starts with tracking website performance and identifying areas of improvement. This task is best done using a web analytics tool. Although there are innumerable web analytics tools available, Google Analytics (GA) is the most widely used tool across all websites — owing to its comprehensive reporting system, and free availability. […]

3 Ways Tinkoff Bank Optimized Credit Card Conversions – Case Study

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a process-oriented practice, which essentially aims at enhancing user experience on a website. It starts with proactively recognizing challenges faced by users across a conversion funnel, and addressing them through various tools and techniques. Tinkoff Bank understands the need for a process-oriented approach to CRO and puts it into practice. […]

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