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10 Things Small Businesses Can Learn From Top eCommerce Sites

Zappos, Target and Walmart. What do these eCommerce giants have in common? They all command massive brand popularity, have a loyal customer base and have the key analytics working in their favor. You might not have their level of reach, resources, brand name or market share, but that does not stop you from adopting their […]

This one A/B testing case study will leave you smarter and wiser

The Company specializes in offering current and historic prices of new and rare video games and consoles such as Atari 2600 and Super Nintendo. Basically in exchange for a small fee, it ensures you don’t overpay when buying a video game. Background On its product pages, Pricecharting has a call-to-action (CTA) that says ‘Download’. […]

8 Ways to Increase Average Order Value for eCommerce

So you have been making gallant efforts at increasing your eCommerce website conversion rate. You are bleeding money on acquiring that all-important traffic, are trying to outwit Google at cracking its ever-changing search algorithm and are anxiously checking your traffic sources, lest they dry up. But if we look at the end objective of these […]

21 Tips to Make Your eCommerce Homepage a Conversion Magnet

This blog post was updated on 20/07/2016 with links to latest industry examples, statistics, and studies. Give it a read for fresh insights into tips on winning more conversions on your homepage. The homepage of an eCommerce website is a lot like prime-time television slot. Every product is vying to be there, but only the […]

2013 Top Ecommerce Websites Analytics Benchmarks

Web analytics is always intriguing. It gives a tangible shape to visitor behavior and can play an important role in determining online success. ClickTale recently released a study comparing web analytics and user experience metrics of big and small eCommerce websites. It analyzed data from thousands of eCommerce websites from April, 2013 to June, 2013. […]

This A/B Test Proves that Time is Money (Almost)

Well Benjamin Franklin said it first. The wise folks took it on from there and ever since every kid and adolescent on the planet has been fed the advice as age-old wisdom. ‘Time is money’ could easily go down in the hall of fame of ‘all-time epic phrases’. And now we have an A/B test to […]

14 eCommerce Product Page Best Practices for Your Website

This blog was updated on 26th August 2016 with links to latest industry examples, statistics, and studies. Give it a read for fresh insights on 14 eCommerce product page best practices. So,  a visitor lands on your website, wanders about the various category pages, and finally clicks on a product. It’s the moment of truth, […]

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