on Conversion Rate Optimization

Whoa! Free trial button did not decrease paid signups, but increased trial signups by 158%

The case study we are publishing today answers a dilemma that many software companies encounter at one time or another. Should they offer a “free trial” option? Will it decrease the paid signups? One previous case study answered which button increased clickthroughs by 47%: ‘Try demo’ or ‘Buy now’. This case study answers whether having both at […]

Live Chat widget increases signups by 31%

We have published numerous case studies regarding user behavior while shopping online. Sometimes, it’s the color of the checkout button that makes the big difference and sometimes it’s A/B testing checkout process that helps our clients make more money. Today, we are publishing a case study that explores effect of having a live chat widget […]

Halloween gifts: new security features, custom split and unlimited simultaneous tests

Happy Halloween! We have been working hard on improving Visual Website Optimizer by continuously adding features and enhancements. Before I tell which new features we have added lately (and in case you haven’t noticed yet), here’s a peek at the Google-style Halloween themed doodle we drew for our logo. New security features in Visual Website […]

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