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9 award winning A/B and multivariate tests is an excellent website that features a new A/B test case study every week. We love the concept, but what we love more is their annual testing awards. Every year, they judge A/B tests done in that year under several categories (like button tests, copywriting tests, checkout page tests, etc.) and award the best […]

A/B Testing your way into a great product launch

Josh Ledgard is the co-founder of KickoffLabs. He knows a thing or two about what it takes to create a successful launch page. In this guest post he shares his thoughts on how you could be A/B testing your launch page. You haven’t launched and you don’t know anything about your customer. But you have bought […]

5 most common A/B testing misconceptions

A/B testing is fundamentally a very simple concept. You have a webpage (landing page, homepage or product page) which you call version A. Now you make certain changes to it (changing headlines, buttons, colors, style or layout) and call the changed page as version B. Once you have version A and version B ready, any […]

What is the ultimate sales formula on web? (PV – PR = PD)

This is a guest post by Jeremy Reeves. He is a veteran blogger here and an online conversion and profit strategist. Through his little-known unique and innovative profit-boosting techniques, he’s added tens of millions of dollars to his clients bottom-line in EXTRA revenue. You can grab his FREE report, “The 3×3 Formula For Doubling Your […]

Santa caught doing A/B testing of gifts!

Yep, that’s true! Our private investigators went to North Pole and caught Santa A/B testing gifts with little Eskimo kids. Apparently, ahead of worldwide gift distribution that is to happen soon, Santa wanted to be 100% sure that his choice of this year’s gifts “clicked” with kids. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a pic to […]

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