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Announcing Dutch edition of Visual Website Optimizer

Since the launch of the Visual Website Optimizer, we have noticed that it has become a popular testing tool in Europe, especially in the Scandinavian Countries and Western Europe. So in our ambition to become the best A/B split testing tool in the world, we decided it would be a good idea to get our website in different languages. Today we are very proud to announce that our Dutch partnering team has launched for all our Dutch speaking users!

Why localized website?

Since the Dutch testing audience is a mature and specific market, the Dutch regional team will be maintaining the website in a way that is suitable for their specific target audience. The team will also be featuring Dutch case studies, so if you’ve used the the VWO in the Netherlands or Belgium and have results to share, contact the Dutch team and they will put it on their “Ik hou van A/B testing” blog.

In the end it is our goal to service the needs of all the different target audiences in the best way possible. This is why one of the main goals of the Dutch team (next to evangelizing the VWO of course) will be to gather feedback from the Dutch and Belgium users base. In this way we can improve the tool based upon user suggestion and make it even better! Going forward, if needed, we are going to localize the app itself and/or start training programs in Holland and Belgium.

Keep in touch!

Got nifty feedback, an interesting case study or do you just like to keep in touch with the Dutch team? You can discuss the VWO on the special LinkedIN group (officially endorsed by us) with other online professionals, follow the team on Twitter or simply send them an e-mail!

Happy testing Holland and Belgium!

Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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