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Announcement: Navilytics Is Now A Part of VWO

2 Min Read

With the launch of the New Conversion Optimization Platform by VWO, Navilytics’s visitor analytics features have been integrated into VWO Analyze Capability.

Due to this Navilytics will cease operations after December 31, 2017. 

Here is a detailed overview of the announcement and how it affects you:

  1. After December 31, 2017, your account with Navilytics will automatically expire and you would lose access to Navilytics. It will no longer be available to use.
  2. After your accounts expire on December 31, 2017, all your existing data will be erased.
  3. During this period, you may use your current Navilytics account free of charge. We will not be charging any additional fee until December 31, 2017.
  4. In addition, we are also offering you a 3-month subscription to VWO Pro Plan. You may choose to avail this subscription anytime in the forthcoming year free of cost.
  5. VWO’s Conversion Optimization platform consists of all existing Navilytics capabilities as well as additional capabilities that focus on improving your website conversion. 

We would encourage you to speak to our team here and migrate to VWO. Our sales team would ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible. Please write to us at sales@vwo.com for all your queries.

You can also read about Navilytic’s acquisition here:
VWO Acquires Navilytics to Offer Visitor Behavior Analysis Capabilities

Yash Vardhan
Yash Vardhan Yash works as a content marketer at VWO. Apart from this, he is a huge foodie and an Android fanboy.
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